Thursday, November 24, 2016

Irish Merchant Navy Memorial [City Quay Dublin]


MUNSTER (Captain William James Paisley) mined and sunk in Liverpool Bay
2 February 1940-no casualties

CITY OF LIMERICK (Captain, R. Ferguson) sunk by air attack 700 miles west of Ushant.
15 july 1940-2 dead

MEATH (Captain T. MacFarlane) mined and sunk off Holyhead .
16 august 1940-1 dead

LUIMNEACH (Captain E. Jones) sunk by gunfire from U-46 in Bay of Biscay
4 september 1940-no casualites

KERRY HEAD (Captain C. Drummond) bombed and sunk with all hands off Cape Clear.
22 october 1940-12 dead

ARDMORE (Captain T. Ford) missing on passage Cork to Fishguard.
11 november 1940-24 dead

ISOLDA (Captain A. Bestic) bombed and sunk by German aircraft off Wex ford Coast
19 december 1940- 6 dead, 7 wounded

INNISFALLEN (Captain G. Rrth) mined and sunk in River Mersey.
21 december 1940-4 dead

ST. FINTAN (Captain N. Hendry) bombed and sunk by German aircraft of Welsh Coast.
22 march 1941-9 dead

CLONLARA (Captain J. Reynolds) torpedoed and sunk whilst in convoy 0G71 in Bay of Biscay
22 august 1941-11 dead

CITY OF WATERFORD (Captain T. Alpin) sunk whilst in convoy 0G74 in North Atlantic.
19 september 1941-5 dead

CITY OF BREMEN (Captain G. Bryan) sunk by German aircraft in Bay of Biscay
2 june 1942-no casualites

IRISH PINE (Captain M. O'Neill) torpedoed and sunk in North Atlantic by U-608.
15 november1942-33 dead

KYLECLARE (Captain A. Hamilton) torpedoed and sunk in Bay of Biscay by J-456
23 february 1943-18 dead

IRISH OAK (Capatin E. Jones) torpedoed and sunk in North Atlantic by U607
15 may 1942-no casualites

CYMRIC (Captain C. Cassedy) missing on passage Ardrossan to Lisbon.
22 march 1944-11 dead

Irish Merchant Navy Memorial [City Quay Dublin]-123686

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