Thursday, December 29, 2016


My family is from the area but it was only a few years ago that I learned about the Tomb of the Jealous Man and Woman.

Newton Abbey is famous for the interesting 16th Century tomb of Sir Lucas Dillon and his wife, Lady Jayne Bathe. The two stone effigies on the tomb are separated by a sword of state. The tomb is known locally as 'The Tomb of the Jealous Man and Woman', it is believed that instead of signifying the sword of state, the sword actually represents Sir Lucas' displeasure at his wife for having had an affair, forever separating the two.

Locally it is believed that the tomb possesses a cure for warts and skin complaints. According to local custom all you need do is rub your wart with a  pin and then leave the pin on top of the tomb, as the pin rusts the wart withers and falls off. While I may not be convinced that the process produces positive results many people must believe that it does work as there is large number of pins on the tomb.

The Tomb of the Jealous Man and Woman [Trim County Meath]--124300

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