Friday, October 28, 2016

A 1916 MEMORIAL [Beside Parnell Bridge In Cork City]

Because of anti-social behaviour I was unable to get a good photograph of this sculpture. I returned the next day but there were a number of people sitting at the base of the sculpture so I decided to move on and return at a later date.

Initially I had believed this to be ‘City’ by Patrick O’Sullivan who died 09 January 2015. However, I received a note advising me that this sculpture is a 1916 memorial.It represents fire, the two channels of the river plus an Easter Lilly [the recognised symbol of the Rising]. I have, as a result reviewed, some of my older photographs of the area and this sculpture is not featured in any of them so I must conclude that the person who contacted me is correct.


“The monument, at the South Mall’s junction with Parnell Bridge was commissioned and donated to the city by the family of Seán Murphy, battalion vice commandant and brigade quarter master, who is believed to have been the sole surviving brigade officer following independence. Cork sculptor Mick Wilkins completed the work to coincide with the year-long centenary celebrations of the Rising, before Mr Murphy’s family gifted it to Cork City Council.”

Because of the anti-social issues already mentioned I did not see the metal plaque attached to the base of the sculpture.

A 1916 MEMORIAL [Beside Parnell Bridge In Cork City]-122570

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